I want to buy an induction cookware set … Which pans are suitable for induction?” A question we often get! Logical of course, you want to avoid making a bad purchase at all times and we fully understand that. We are happy to help you make the best choice when it comes to purchasing your new favorite induction pans.

If you want to cook on induction, your pan must have a bottom that is magnetizable and conductive , a flat bottom is also a plus. Pans that have a thick bottom with several layers warp less. Pans suitable for induction can be recognized by a spiral symbol on the pan or packaging. At a trusted company, this would also be in the product description.

What should good induction pans meet?

Good quality induction pans are heavy enough not to slide easily. This way it does not slide off the stove quickly and you can cook safely without the pan becoming unbalanced and falling off the stove, so they must be well balanced. No matter what kind of induction pans you use, they can easily scratch your induction hob, so make sure you don't cause any scratches. It is also important to have the right induction bottom on the induction pan set. The best induction pans have a so-called "sandwich bottom" . This means that the bottom consists of several metal layers to conduct the heat as well as possible. Furthermore, a good induction pan must have a non-stick coating without harmful substances, with Cook and Pan you do not have to worry about this, all pans are 100% free of toxic substances such as PFAS and Teflon. Good induction pans should be dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Our induction pan set from Signature is a perfect combination of induction, safe non-stick coating and 30% more energy efficient to cook with. Because the pans are up to 30% more energy efficient, this also makes a good investment.

The bottom of the induction pans from the Signature collection.

Test pan set induction

Which pans are suitable for induction? If you want to test a pan set for induction, you can do that yourself. This is how you test which pans are suitable for induction: If you stick a magnet to the bottom, the pan is magnetizable and you can cook with it on induction. The bottom of the pan may be affected if you used it on gas. This can make the pan less magnetic due to the deposits on the bottom of the fire, which can also scratch the new hob. You can do a damage test by taking a newspaper and placing the pan on it, if you move the newspaper and the newspaper tears, you cannot use the pan on the induction plate. If the pans pass the test, you can use them on an induction hob. Keep checking whether the pans without a thick bottom warp or not. The answer to the question of which pans are suitable for induction is therefore easy to check with a magnet. Would you like to order an induction pan online? At Cook and Pan we only have induction pans in our range, that's nice and easy!

Test induction pan with magnet - induction ready

Induction pans: What are good induction pans?

What are good induction pans? If you have an induction cooker or an induction hob, we have put together a range that consists of separate induction pans and even a complete induction pan set so that you are immediately provided, and everything is in one style. Of course you will be able to search for an Ikea pan set, Hema pans, block pans or BK pans , but always pay attention to whether the quality is good... At Cook and Pan we have also put together a beautiful range that we recommend to you. So what are the best pans for induction? We put them together:

  1. Induction Pans Rocco - Ceramic Non-stick coating
  2. Induction Pans Honey Stainless Steel - 3-ply Hexagon Anti-stick coating
  3. Induction Pans Satoshi - Perfect Pans for Beginners.
  4. Induction Pans from BK Cookware
  5. Induction Pans Jazz Carbon Steel

Still unsure about induction cooking?

Why cook on induction:

Cooking on induction plates is safer than cooking on gas because the plate itself hardly gets hot and cools down quickly after use. The cooking zones only respond when a pan is placed on them. The hob does not get hot without a pan. You don't run the risk of accidentally leaving the gas on.

Advantages of cooking on induction

  • You can regulate the temperature precisely and quickly with induction. Another advantage is that you can set the duration very precisely with induction hobs, so you can bake and roast like a pro!
  • There are no flames, so no gases are released, the air in your home is cleaner.
  • The induction plate hardly gets warm and cools down quickly after use, so it's safer to cook on induction than on gas.
  • The cooking zones only respond when a pan is placed on them. If the pan isn't on it, you don't have a hot plate!
  • No risk of gas that you can accidentally leave on.
  • Induction is the most economical form of cooking: you have an energy loss of 10-20 percent compared to natural gas, which is 40 to even 50 percent. due to the choice of materials of our honey frying pans and Rocco pans , there is even an energy saving of 30% extra because the bottom is perfectly adjusted in terms of size and material use.
  • The gas bill will therefore immediately go down, and save you money with the high energy prices. A smart investment that you will soon earn back.
  • An induction hob is easy to clean and maintain.

The blog about the best pans for induction has given you all the information you need to make the right choice. What are the best pans for induction? We have talked about a broad category of pans such as the pan sets, frying pans, wok pans and frying pans especially for induction. They are made of high-quality material and have a modern design, so you can be sure that you are making a good choice.

Cook and Pan's pan sets are a good option if you're looking for several pans for induction. These pan sets contain different types of pans that are suitable for use on an induction hob. The Cook and Pan frying pans are also a good choice for induction if you are looking for a versatile pan, they are made of high-quality material and often have a special PFAS-free non-stick coating that ensures that food that sticks past tense.

Induction wok pans are another category we looked at. The wok pans from Cook and Pan are made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel and are specially designed for use on an induction hob. They have a wide bottom and high sides, making them perfect for frying vegetables and meat in a wok.

Finally, the induction frying pans from Cook and Pan. These frying pans are made of high-quality cast iron or aluminum and have a special non-stick coating without pfas. They are perfect for roasting meat, as they have a wide bottom and a high rim, which ensures that the meat is baked and roasted properly.

Conclusion: if you are looking for the best pans for induction, Cook and Pan's pan sets, frying pans , wok pans and frying pans are a good option. They are made of high quality materials and specially designed for use on an induction hob. This way you can confidently choose the best pans for induction to make your favorite dishes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about induction cooking. We hope to have informed you enough to buy an induction cookware set.

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