Which induction wok is suitable for me? And what can I choose from? Logical questions! There can be a lot of difference in a wok. This often depends on the wishes and requirements of the user, which is completely logical. Because we understand that it is important to choose the right wok pan for induction, we are happy to help you, so you can enjoy the right material for years of cooking pleasure!

Induction hobs are all the rage! They are really great: they work well and look beautiful. However, in some cases they pose a challenge: will my cooking pots fit on them? Many pan brands have pans that are not suitable for induction, so logically this is of no use to you in this case. At Cook and Pan we do things differently; the entire Cook and Pan range is suitable for induction cooking! Most induction woks are even approved with the Full Induction label, which means that they have been extensively tested on induction hobs. With us you are assured of good wok pans that will always work perfectly on your induction hob.

Induction wok cooking, all suitable wok pans

What is the best wok pan for an induction hob? The best wok for induction cooking must be able to withstand induction and the pressure that these hobs exert. Therefore, choose durable materials and the right size that suits your cooking needs.

Why doesn't my old wok work on an induction hob? That can depend on two factors. Factor one is that some woks are simply not made for induction cooking, these are often outdated woks. The second factor is a bit more interesting, if your wok should be suitable for induction but does not work, it may be due to the following: if you have used this wok on a gas stove, the bottom may have been damaged by the fire. Induction cooking works magnetically. If the bottom of the wok is damaged, it may no longer be magnetic and therefore no longer work on the induction hob.

The Top 3 best wok pans can be found below!

The Size of the Wok Pan

Many people think that a wok pan is only available in one size, but that is not the case. The most standard size is the wok pan 28 cm. But there are also large wok pans, for example the wok pan 30 cm, wok pan 32 cm or even an extra large wok pan 40 cm. Would you prefer something less? Consider a small wok pan of 20 cm or 24 cm. Not sure which one is suitable? Then choose easy and that is the most popular wok pan of 28 cm.

Induction wok pan budget

An induction wok is considered a special pan. As a result, some wok pans can be quite expensive. With certain brands you can easily pay 100 to 200 for a wok pan. At Cook and Pan you certainly get value for what you pay, we have entry-level wok pans from €24.95 that are very easy to use. If you want more options or a longer lifespan, you can always compare the best option at Cook and Pan that falls within your budget and requirements. Therefore, take a look at all wok pans here .

Best wok pan for induction

We have researched the market for years, developed and released wok pans so that there is the right wok pan for every need! You don't have to waste your valuable time scouring the internet for the best wok pan, we have already done that for you.

We have found the best wok pans for induction hobs and have done everything we can to organize the selection logically and versatile.

Induction wok pan with non-stick coating

An induction wok pan with a non-stick coating is very easy to use. This is one of our best-selling woks and we understand why. The Rocco wok pan has a 9-layer non-stick coating that really does not stick. The more non-stick layers the better the wok pan performs, with no less than 9 layers this is up to 4x thicker than average . Top quality! Furthermore, the 28 cm wok pan is reinforced with certified 24-carat diamond. Because what is the strongest material in the world? Indeed, diamond. No expense has been spared on this beautiful wok. Considering all the qualities, this wok pan can be priced a lot higher in the market, but we don't like that. That explains this friendly price!

Induction wok pan with best non-stick coating - Rocco

View the Rocco wok pan here.

Carbon steel induction wok pan

Would you like an Induction wok pan 28 cm with a vegetable non-stick coating? The Carbon Steel Wok Pan is perfect for you! This has a natural non-stick coating that keeps getting better after use. This is a completely natural process that occurs after your wok is heated with a natural oil. This is also called seasoning. The Jazz wok pan made of carbon steel is delivered pre-seasoned, we have already burned the wok for you so that you can use it right away. The Carbon Steel Jazz wok pan is perfect for perfectly searing meat and vegetables. It will have a delicious crispy layer on the outside. You can also use your wok pan on very high heat.

Induction wok pan 28 cm Carbonsteel Jazz

View the Jazz wok pan here

Stainless steel induction wok pan

This next option can be considered a premium option. It is the Honey wok made of stainless steel, including the handle. The design of the handle should help it stay cooler while cooking. The advantage is that this wok pan does have a non-stick coating, it is a safe ceramic non-stick coating.

Wok pan with non-stick coating

View the Wok pan here

  • Beautifully polished appearance
  • Dishwasher suitable
  • Diameter 30 cm
  • Ceramic non-stick coating

Are you curious about all the options of Cook and Pan? We understand that! We offer the perfect wok for induction cooking for every cooking situation. This way you can make the most tasty stir-fry dishes with Maximum performance and Minimum effort! Imagine that you will soon smell the wonderful aroma of the new dishes that you are going to make with the induction wok from Cook and Pan. Pans that actually contribute to the cooking experience and performance. The wok pans are made to make cooking easier. We use smart designs that ensure the wok pan heats faster and more evenly. This means you don't get extreme heat or cold spots in the wok, but everything is at the same temperature, and that tastes much better! Due to the fast heat distribution, you only need 70% of the energy you normally use. On average, you cook 30% more energy efficiently, which will make your wallet happy in these expensive times. A wok pan from Cook and Pan is an investment in better dishes, a longer lifespan and less energy consumption. View all wok pans from Cook and Pan here.

Do you still have questions after reading this blog? That is not a problem at all. Questions that need to be asked. Feel free to fill in the contact form or email info@cookandpan.nl . Our experts are happy to help you make the right choice and answer your questions.