You are orienting to purchase a pan with a non-stick coating, good choice! If you have the right non-stick pans, they will last and perform well. But what are things to take into account when making the right choice. We are happy to help you choose the perfect pan.

Best pan with ceramic non-stick coating

A non-stick ceramic pan is one of our favorites! What is a ceramic non-stick coating? The advantage of this layer is that you cook without chemicals such as Pfas and Teflon. But that's not all: a ceramic non-stick coating also works perfectly! The food slides smoothly through the pan without baking, provided you choose the right pan, of course. An example is an aluminum frying pan with a non-stick coating: It is not only important that the frying pan is of a good thickness, the non-stick coating must also be strong. Non-stick coatings can be applied in several layers. A cheaper frying pan has only a few non-stick coatings. As a result, the non-stick coating will not last as long and will wear out sooner, as a result: in some cases the pans can no longer be used after a few months, a waste of money! An alternative, for example, is the Rocco pans provided with a 9-layer non-stick coating , reinforced with 24-carat diamond. The non-stick coating of the Rocco pans is 3x thicker than an average pan with a non-stick coating. You immediately notice during baking that you are cooking with quality. You can immediately taste that in your dishes. Invest in good pans and you will enjoy years of use.

Pans with ceramic non-stick coating free of pfas and Teflon

Best pan with natural (vegetable) non-stick coating

A natural non-stick coating forms in the pan after you have baked it. "Burning in, what's that?" Read this blog and learn all about it. After using the pan, this non-stick coating gets better and better, the pan eventually develops its own character. You can opt for a pan made of sheet steel, in which you will see a brown to blacker deposit over time, this is the natural non-stick coating as soon as it comes into its own. If you prefer not to see any deposits in the pan, then a carbon steel pan is suitable for you! The pan is beautifully black colored so that you can hardly see anything on the inside of the layer. Carbon steel is also called carbon steel and is praised for its heavy quality, retains the heat for a long time and can withstand hot fires. Of course we have found the suitable candidate for you: the Jazz carbon steel pans . Excellent quality and good looks, a real all-rounder for every task in the kitchen. We have already branded the Jazz pans for you, so you can use the pans immediately after you have received them.

Carbon Steel Frying Pan for Induction Cooking Jazz Pans

Non-stick coating for metal objects

Normally it is not wise to stir with metal utensils in a pan with a non-stick coating. Either a metal spatula or, for example, a spoon. This is because metal normally damages the non-stick coating. Normally yes, because this is not the case with the stainless steel Honey pans . The stainless steel pan has a unique non-stick coating that is protected with an iron shield. This allows you to easily stir the pan with iron objects without damaging the non-stick coating. Ideal: you no longer have to think about when you can and when you can't use iron objects. Be amazed by the many qualities of Honey pans !

Gordon Ramsay with a Hexagon Frying Pan 3-ply
Gordon Ramsey invests in a honeycomb frying pan.

Cheap pans with non-stick coating

Looking for an 'just good pan' with a non-stick coating? The Satoshi pans are reasonably priced and have a good non-stick coating. These pans are also certified with the Eco label. This means that the Satoshi pans are consciously made for a better world. The ceramic pans are fully equipped, they are dishwasher safe and have cooldown handles so that burnt fingers are a thing of the past! View the cheap pans here.

Satoshi cheap pans with ceramic non-stick coating

What is the right non-stick pan for me?

What the perfect pan with non-stick coating is for you depends on your wishes and the requirements that the pan must meet. At a glance:

Are you looking for a good pan with the highest quality ceramic non-stick coating? Then the Rocco pans are the right candidate.

Would you like to cook with a natural non-stick coating? Then choose the Carbon steel Jazz pans

Using metal objects in the pan? Naturally! This is possible with the unique Honey pans

Looking for a good but cheap pan? The Satoshi pans are perfect for you.

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