So you are ready to equip your kitchen with the right pans. Where should you start?

You can spend thousands of euros on the best pans and pots in the world, and we should know because, we have actually spent those amounts on pans in our lives. A few of us have worked in kitchens with the most expensive pans you can imagine, copper pans with special finishes, you name it. But we have also worked with simple aluminum pans. You will be amazed at how small the difference is between the most expensive of the most expensive and the mid-range pans. Some cheaper pans even perform better than the more expensive ones.

We have made a list of the cooking pans you need in your kitchen! A good chef never blames his tools, but if you equip your kitchen with them, there will be no excuses left.

A frying pan 28 cm made of carbon steel

If you like to cook with high heat, then the carbon steel frying pan is perfect. It can easily withstand intense heat and retain it for a long time. It excels at roasting chicken, fish and other types of meat. But also fry bacon until crispy, give apple pies, corn bread a golden brown crust, sear steaks and look super good! This frying pan is a real all-rounder in the kitchen that - once used - is indispensable!

Contrary to what many people say, caring for a carbon steel pan is not that difficult. Take our favorite for example: the carbon steel Jazz pans. These are delivered to you already burned-in, so you do not have to burn them again. You also need to wipe them occasionally with a cloth and it is ready to go again. The great thing is that the natural non-stick coating of the Jazz carbon steel pan keeps improving after use. This also gives your dishes more and more character. And you will certainly receive (even more) compliments with it!

The best choice and affordable: We have just talked about it: the pre-seasoned carbon steel pans from the Jazz collection . They are pre-seasoned so you no longer have to burn them yourself. On day 1 you can already use its real non-stick qualities. And if you find a traditional cast iron pan too heavy, the carbon steel pan is the best alternative!

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Frying pan set black carbon steel

A 28 cm frying pan with non-stick coating

Okay, if your carbon steel pan is perfectly seasoned, it should be completely nonstick. But for the rest of us, a ceramic nonstick frying pan is a handy tool to have on hand for guaranteed top results with omelettes, pancakes, potatoes and the like - things you don't want to stick and burn in the frying pan.

Unlike carbon steel frying pans, a pan with a ceramic non-stick coating is not suitable for extreme heat. Also look out for non-stick coatings that contain the substances PFAS and Teflon, as these can be harmful. The substances can break down and end up in your dishes! That's why at Cook and Pan we only offer Telfon and PFAS- free pans! You always cook healthy with Cook and Pan. Cook at a maximum of 70% of your stove's power and you will be fine - which is more than sufficient for 90% of dishes. All you are looking for is a pan that distributes heat evenly and weighs little, which means aluminum is the ideal material. A good non-stick pan can also be put in the dishwasher so that you can enjoy a nice meal without having to discuss the dishes.

And we all know that you shouldn't use metal utensils on regular non-stick surfaces, right?

The best choice: The Rocco frying pans are ingenious for the kitchen! With a 9-layer non-stick coating, this is up to 3x thicker than a traditional frying pan with a non-stick coating. Furthermore, the non-stick coating is reinforced with 24-carat diamond to guarantee a long lifespan. The pan is suitable for all heat sources, including induction cooking. An absolute winner that you need for the kitchen.

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Frying pan set induction Rocco


A saucepan 18 cm

The saucepan probably needs no introduction, everyone is familiar with saucepans and knows what they are used for. The only question for some is which size you need. The 18 cm saucepan is just large enough to heat soup for 3 people. It also fits a bottle of wine. And of course, you can cook delicious eggs in it for your favorite breakfast.

The best choice: After many tests of different saucepans, an old acquaintance comes around the corner again! Namely the saucepan from the same family as the frying pan above: the Rocco saucepan 18 cm . This has a well-balanced surface so that it is stable on the hob. The saucepan also has a non-stick coating so that nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan. So perfect! The sauce pans always sell out quickly, so be there when the chickens arrive...

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Saucepan Black 18 centimeter

A 30 cm wok with lid

Whether you stir-fry or not, a wok is one of the most versatile pans in the kitchen. It is perfect for stir-frying, cooking, braising and steaming. It is by far the best pan for deep frying; The wide shape and large volume easily fit a lot of food with minimal contact and oil use, and there is virtually no risk of hot oil spilling onto the stove.

You may have heard that you can also stir-fry in a frying pan. This is not true. If you taste both at the same time, a stir-fry from a wok tastes significantly better than from a frying pan, because of the shape, material and the way heat is transferred (a wok has a much wider heating surface above and around the cooking surface, which increases the well-known wok flavor that is impossible to achieve with a flat frying pan).

The best cheapest: The cheapest deal has to be the wok pan with lid from the Voglio series from Satoshi. For this price you will not find a better wok with these options and quality.

The best De buyer Wok pan made of sheet steel. Is of professional quality! The pans have a simple, but expressive appearance; robust quality. The pan is also coated with beeswax, which provides temporary protection against oxidation. Unfortunately currently sold out. A good alternative is a carbon steel wok .

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An extensive pan set

Would you rather be complete in one go? Just as easy! It saves a lot of research work and a complete pan set always has the same design. It looks better than having a design on pans. Another advantage of a complete pan set is that you know exactly what the pans can do and what extra functions they have. If you buy individual pans, there are often different types of materials and functions involved, which is difficult to remember.

A varied collection of pans looks different for everyone: A family of five needs several or larger pans. While a single person moving into their first apartment may need as few pots and pans as possible to make decent meals. Whoever you are, you probably don't want to end up with space-consuming pans that you'll never use. So the key is a mix of types (pans, frying pans, pots) and functionalities (PFAS-free non-stick coating, dishwasher suitable, oven suitable and cooldown handles) without exaggerating - but what exactly that combination should look like depends of your cooking needs: large, small or average family? Do you enjoy cooking and do you like to do it extensively? Do you often have family or friends over to eat with you? All important points.

We always recommend the following: Do you often cook for one to two people? Then perhaps a 4-piece pan set with saucepans, saucepan and a frying pan, for example, will be enough for you. Do you have guests over or do you like more elaborate cooking? Then take a larger set. An 8 or 9-piece pan set is sufficient for 80% of households. With these pan sets you have enough pans to prepare fantastic dishes. Still not enough? There are of course also larger pan sets that can be useful. There are also pan sets that you can expand with separate pans, so you can actually put together your own pan set.

The best choice: The Ventura 8-piece pan set! An absolute must have if you like all the benefits of good pans that help you while cooking and improve the cooking result. Under the motto: Maximum results with minimum efforts. The black pan set has a modern look that is all the rage at the moment and will certainly be for some time to come. Last but not least: The pans are suitable for induction cooking and are 30% more energy efficient than traditional pans .

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Black induction cookware set

After reading this blog, are you still not sure which pans suit you best? Email for professional advice from our experts!