What is PFAS?

PFAS is short for a family of chemicals called Poly- and Perfluoroalkyls, commonly used in non-stick cookware, feared for their potential toxicity associated with cancers and other adverse effects. There is a chance that this substance is also present in your non-stick frying pan. Frying pans with a toxic non-stick coating have been mass-produced and sold for decades by major cooking brands.

We would like to explain to you exactly what this substance is, how it originated and more importantly, how you can prevent contact with this hazardous substance.

Frying pan Jazz with safe non-stick coating - Healthy cooking The safe frying pan Jazz (pfas free) from Cook and Pan

How did the toxic PFAS substance originate?

These chemicals are synthetic and do not occur naturally in the environment. They were originally discovered in 1938 when a chemist working on coolants accidentally created a slippery white substance that would later lead to the creation of the Teflon brand for nonstick pans and pots. Chances are you've heard of Teflon, they have produced many (toxic) non-stick coatings and applied them to frying pans and frying pans from major brands, for example from Teflon.

How is PFAS Toxic?

PFAS chemicals are perhaps best known for their use in nonstick cookware. The Teflon brand caused a revolution in these products. The use of PFAS is widespread across many brands of non-stick cookware.

As a result, many people – worldwide – and therefore also in the Netherlands have bought pans with this harmful non-stick coating. These chemicals can be released during cooking and end up in your dish. You ingest this substance unnoticed during dinner with your loved ones. Something you would rather not think about, yet it is important to think about it.

Health experts are concerned about these persistent chemicals, which have two characteristics: They are bioaccumulative, meaning they accumulate in living tissue, and are toxic, meaning they harm living organisms such as humans, animals and plants .

The American government has done extensive research into this and it turned out: the toxic substance PFAS and PFOS, which is in the non-stick coating of cooking pans, was present in more than 98% (!) of Americans! Large and numerous studies in highly exposed populations have linked these substances to health effects, including colitis (colitis), diagnosed high cholesterol, thyroid disease, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, and pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. So it's time for a change, and it's here!

Pans free from PFAS

Fortunately, there is a solution! Pans without a toxic non-stick coating so that you can cook in a safe way. These pans are also easily recyclable and do not harm the environment. All Cook and Pan pans have a ceramic non-stick coating that is guaranteed to be 100% free of PFAS. So you can enjoy the handy pluses that a quality non-stick coating brings without worrying about toxic substances in your food!

What is PFAS, PFOAS and Teflon? Always cook with a safe non-stick coating. Read why soon!

At Cook and Pan you purchase a sustainable and healthy frying pan , wok pan or casserole for the same price as a pan with a toxic non-stick coating. Then the choice is quickly made, choose healthy!

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