Fancy a super healthy tasty lunch for work, during school, a day out or just at home? Try these delicious stuffed lettuce wraps...

Delicious lettuce wrap healthy and nice and low in calories

It really doesn't have to be a punishment to eat healthy, once you have tried this wrap, you will certainly make it more often. And rightly so if you ask us because what better combination than tasty and healthy ?!

We often take the lettuce wraps with us on the bike or to the beach, pack them individually first in a cozy napkin and then in foil. This way you can easily unpack and consume them again. Whether you sit along the waterfront or another beautiful area; extra enjoyment with something tasty and healthy such as a well-filled lettuce wrap in combination with delicious basil mayonnaise.

Ingrid Beens-Goutier has years of experience in the kitchen, she loves to share her homemade recipes and to inspire others. This tasty dish/snack is also from her, she is happy to explain how to prepare this easy meal:

Ingredients for 2 filled wraps:
For the wraps:

- 1 head of iceberg lettuce -> You need 2 large leaves of this

- 6 slices of chicken fillet topping

- 4 slices of bacon

- 1 sliced ​​avocado

- Candy tomatoes

For the basil mayonnaise:

- 5/6 tablespoons mayonnaise

- Bowl of basil

- 1 large clove of crushed garlic

- 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Healthy snack stuffed lettuce wrap chicken bacon tomatoes cook and pan supplies

Preparation method


  1. Fry the bacon slices in a frying pan and let them drain on kitchen roll.
  2. Make the basil mayonnaise by mixing all of the above ingredients in a blender.
  3. Remove 2 nice large leaves from the iceberg lettuce.
  4. Place the leaves on your work table and apply 3 slices of chicken breast to the lettuce leaves.
  5. Spread with some of the basil mayonnaise.
  6. Then place 3 slices of chicken breast here again.
  7. Then place the slices of fried bacon on the chicken breast
  8. Then place some slices of avocado and half snack tomatoes on it
  9. Carefully roll up both wraps.
  10. Cut them in half and serve them on a colorful plate and side by side in a bowl, or wrap them up and take them with you for later use.

Healthy snack lettuce wrap chicken fillet bacon tomatoes basil mayonnaise

This is how easy it is to prepare a tasty snack for yourself or several! An additional advantage is that this lettuce wrap contains few calories, so you don't have to feel guilty when eating this tasty snack. Tip: You can also replace the chicken fillet topping for delicious fried chicken fillet.

Greetings Ingrid

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