Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Limoncello Tiramisu!

Make a splash with this delicious Limoncello Tiramisu dessert.

This dessert is super easy to make and tastes deliciously fresh. For the non-alcoholic version: omit the limoncello and use extra lemon juice. Same effect!

If you want to be really chic, make this recipe in small water glasses. This gives a boost to the presentation of this nice fresh Limoncello Tiramisu. You can add extra limoncello with a pipette for the enthusiasts among us. This dessert is perfect if you get people over, fun and cozy (holidays) days or just as 'just' with your family!

Making supplies Dessert limocello tiramisu Cook and Pan delicious for family and family

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- 24 Ladyfingers

- 250 ml ready-made whipped cream

- 250 grams of mascarpone

- 120 grams of powdered sugar

- 80 ml limoncello

- 80 ml lemon juice

- 2 lemons

- Lemon curd for decoration

- Large bowl or several glasses.

Making supplies Dessert limocello tiramisu Cook and Pan

Preparation method

- Mix the whipped cream with the mascarpone and powdered sugar to a nice creamy mixture

- Grate the zest of one lemon and add it to the mixture

- In another bowl, mix the limoncello with the lemon juice

- Take a bowl, put a bottom of Long Fingers at the bottom

- Pour 1/2 part of the bowl with limoncello and lemon juice over this

- Place 1/2 part of the mixture with mascarpone with whipped cream on top

- Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6

- Grate the zest of the other lemon and sprinkle it on top

- For an extra festive effect: Put some Lemon curd in a piping bag and decorate the whole with it

- Place the bowl covered in the fridge for at least one hour

Tasty and optional: Add a glass of limoncello, it will make us very happy! ;)

Making supplies Dessert limocello tiramisu Cook and Pan drink

Enjoy this delicious and easy dessert to make!

Greetings Ingrid.

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