Which frying pans are there?

Want to buy a frying pan? Then you have come to the right place at Cook and Pan, our name says it all, the specialist in the field of pans! We offer a wide but clear range so that you can always find the best frying pan according to your preference. There are different types of things you can choose from so that you always make the right choice, we like that. For convenience, we will explain the most common materials.

Ceramic frying pan : A very well-known frying pan is a ceramic pan, these frying pans can often withstand a lot of heat and are more durable than a normal pan that you get from Tefal, for example, at the Action. These ceramic pans are also safe and are a frying pan without Teflon. Incidentally, all pans at Cook and Pan are without Teflon or other toxic chemicals.

Cast iron frying pan: A cast iron frying pan is known for being able to conduct and retain heat well. Cast iron frying pans are therefore very suitable for long-term baking and generally have a long life. What is the best cast iron skillet? This depends on what you want to spend and what the iron frying pan must meet. Therefore, read the insightful description carefully.

Frying pan Sheet steel: Looking for a steel frying pan? We totally understand this! The steel frying pan is a frying pan without a non-stick coating, at least: you have to make it yourself by burning the steel pan. Read through this blog how to burn in a frying pan.

Frying pan Stainless steel: You choose a stainless steel frying pan, professional cooks often use stainless steel because they are indestructible when used in the kitchen. Many do not know it, but this is a great frying pan for induction. These frying pans are often equipped with a metal handle that can get hot, but pay attention to this if you prefer not to.

Frying pan Aluminium: An aluminum frying pan has the advantage that it is an extremely light frying pan, aluminum is also a good conductor so that the frying pan heats up quickly. We use, among other things, a ceramic non-stick coating, which makes this a safe frying pan without toxic substances.

Which frying pan is best? This depends greatly on what exactly you are looking for in a frying pan. Do you often cook? Do you value getting the most out of your baking performance and how long do you want a frying pan to last? Ask yourself this and then make a choice. Cook and Pan always ensures that our collection is up to date, making almost every frying pan suitable for induction. The best induction frying pan is different for everyone, but our experts prefer the Pans ' Rocco ' made of aluminum mixed with real 24-carat diamond.

Whether you are looking for just one frying pan of, for example, 20 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 32 cm, or even 36 cm, you go for simple; then choose a frying pan set. We have it! A frying pan with a loose handle to save space in your cupboards? We don't turn our backs on that either. We also guarantee that if you purchase a frying pan from Cook and Pan, this is a frying pan without Teflon. We care about our customers and want them to cook safely with Cook and Pan!

Of course there are many other different materials or combinations of the above materials in our collection. In any case, we can keep writing indefinitely. For the sake of convenience, we have explained the most frequently chosen types of frying pans.

Are you not quite sure about making a choice or would you prefer some advice? Feel free to mail to info@cookandpan.nl , our specialists are happy to help you!

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