A better world, isn't that what we all want? It doesn't always have to be extremely difficult, let alone cost a lot. Start at the beginning and improve your daily habits. For example, during a daily activity such as cooking.

Green wok pan

When cooking, pans are often used from materials that are not good for the environment or for you. For example, how about pans with a non-stick coating that contain the substance PFOA, this substance was used for years in the production of Teflon. The substance PFOA is toxic and bad for your own health but also for the environment. You can imagine that it is not a pleasant idea to find these particles in your food or from those you enjoy a meal with. This substance also poses a problem when recycling your used pans, as the toxic substance is released when heated, which causes an emissions problem. There are many reasons why you should switch to a better option. Apart from cookware with this toxic non-stick coating, there are also many less durable pans on the market, by which we mean the use of raw materials. Unfortunately, many suppliers do not yet use recycled materials, which we believe is a missed opportunity.


Fortunately, we are all becoming more aware of these problems and are adapting more and more. We have just mentioned cooking as an example, but we would like to go into this in more detail. You probably do it every day. By making small adjustments you can make a big impact for yourself and a better world. This is simply by thinking about cooking habits that you can improve and then applying them. This doesn't have to be extremely expensive, you don't even have to put in a lot of effort. You can help nature (and yourself) without much effort! Often the first thing you think of is the food you prepare, free-range eggs from laying hens that can roam freely, socially responsible organic meat or soy milk, for example. But let's start with the basics, something you use every day while cooking: Ever considered an ecologically responsible pan line? Cooking consciously in your kitchen on a natural basis is the beginning.

Go Green

Frying pans, wok pans, cooking pots, saucepans and sauté pans made from vegetable and recycled raw materials are the solution. We would like to explain this to you in detail:

The Go Green pans from Cook and Pan are made from 100% vegan materials. Thanks to the right compositions, we can guarantee that you can always cook sustainably and fat-free. The vegetable non-stick coating made from a mixture of avocado oil and water creates a natural microfilm so that your dishes move smoothly in the pan and do not stick in the pan. Both the pan and the handle are made from recycled material.

You certainly don't have to be ashamed if you place this green pan on the dining table: because of its beautiful appearance you are guaranteed to receive compliments, which is not unimportant! Cook with a good feeling, will you help make the world a better place?

Entire green pan collection

The Go Green collection contains 9 different types of pans in various sizes, including frying pans, cooking pots, a wok pan, a sauté pan and a saucepan. This way you always have sufficient choice and you can complete your kitchen! View the entire collection here . Select the desired pan directly below.

  1. Go Green Wok pan 30 cm Green
  2. Go Green Frying Pan 20 cm Green
  3. Go Green Frying Pan 24 cm Green
  4. Go Green Frying Pan 28 cm Green
  5. Go Green Cooking Pot 20 cm Green
  6. Go Green Cooking Pot 22 cm Green
  7. Go Green Cooking Pot 24 cm Green
  8. Go Green Saucepan 24 cm Green
  9. Go Green Saucepan 18 cm Green

Green cooking pot 24 cm

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Have fun cooking!

Team Cook and Pan