Why the clever 'Honey' collection is perfect for you.

Why the clever 'Honey' collection is perfect for you.

Prepare food like a pro, Cook and Pan makes it possible with the Honey collection of cooking pans.

Cook and Pan Honey frying pan Honeycomb non-stick coating Hexagon

Making delicious meals doesn't have to be complicated anymore!

We all want the same thing: to succeed in the kitchen. But we can't all spend years learning culinary techniques.

Fortunately, that is not necessary either! The special Honey Grade Non-stick coating in this pan is unrivaled in the world for high-quality cookware, if you ask us it is of course the best of its kind!

Cook 100% safe at high temperatures with ease. The unique non-stick layer is made of safe materials and good for your health. Completely free of chemical substances such as pfoas/pfas/teflon. We think it is important that you prepare healthy food for your friends, family and of course for yourself.

Preparing meat in frying pan Honey with honey grade design non-stick silver pan

How does this special Honeycomb design work?

Thanks to our years of experience and many tests, we have been able to achieve the perfect result! The 'Honey' Collection works with three layers, this is also called '3-Ply' or Tri-Ply'.

Layer 1: High-quality stainless steel, this ensures that the pans function on all heat sources with maximum performance, of course also induction.

Layer 2: Aluminium, this type of aluminum ensures a fast but even heat distribution so that your dish is well baked on all sides. As opposed to one side being more cooked than the other side. You also save an average of 30% energy due to the fast conduction of heat.

Layer 3: We close with another layer of high-quality stainless steel.

The unique honey grade non-stick coating:

The Honeycomb design is burned into the coating with a special laser, this is a time-consuming process that ensures the best cooking results. This process creates a series of 'peaks and valleys' in the non-stick coating. The non-stick coating is located in the 'valley'. The stainless steel peaks provide extreme strength and perfect searing of meat and fish. Due to the stainless steel peaks, you can also use steel cookware in the pan without scratching.

They offer the best of both worlds: the non-stick function that every cook will appreciate, combined with the durability of a professional stainless steel or cast iron pan.

Honeycomb structure Hexagon Cook and Pan Honey Frying pan 3 ply tri ply

Healthy pans for a better world.

The Honey collection is produced from safe material, you are already healthy before you put your food in the pan! We consciously choose safe pans, where others use chemical substances such as pfas / pfoas that are released at high heat and can end up in your food, we go for 100% safe! This is nice to know so that you can prepare the tastiest dishes with confidence.

We also make as much as possible from recycled material that is not harmful to the environment.

3-ply frying pan honey from Cook and Pan

Simply the best

Our customers come first! Fortunately, we have been able to delight many with our high-quality and unique pans. This is because we ourselves are cooking enthusiasts with years of experience, so we know exactly what you need in the kitchen to turn every meal into a festive dish!

View the difference between the Honey Collection and other pans here:

Comparison chart Cook and Pan honey stainless steel pans and others

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