Which Pans are there?

You don't need much experience in the kitchen to distinguish the quality pans from Cook and Pan from the average pans. At Cook and Pan we are committed to pans with a unique story. We do this by providing all pans and pots with unique and handy functionalities that contribute to a pleasant time in the kitchen and improve your cooking performance!

How do we do that? Our collection has been co-designed by experienced chefs with a love for the profession. By constantly testing and testing, they arrive at the perfect designs. These contribute, for example, to an even heat distribution in the pan, so that your dishes retain the tastiest minerals. An additional advantage: the pans are therefore 30% more energy-saving! But that is of course not all that makes the design so smart, under the summary of the pans we explain in detail what benefits cooking with Cook and Pan has for you.

pan sets:

Ready in one go? Or just unity and one style of pans in the kitchen? Then a pan set is ideal for you. Whether you're looking for a small cookware set, an average cookware set or even a large set, we've got it! What is your material preference? High-quality stainless steel (stainless steel) so that rust spots are a thing of the past, (cast) aluminum so that the pans are lightweight or a robust set of cast iron? Everything is possible and more!

Frying pans:

Perhaps the most commonly used type of pan, the frying pan! Available in many sizes, where the 28 cm frying pan is most often used. We prefer the pans with an extra thick non-stick coating and a thickened bottom for extra cooking pleasure. Are you more a fan of cooking on sheet steel, or carbon steel? This is also possible. Just burn the steel pan and cook! If, like us, you are committed to a better world, we definitely recommend the Go Green Vegetable pans!

Wok Pans:

Stir fry! Delicious, who doesn't love it. Very tasty and extremely easy, if you have the right tools in the kitchen, of course. Wok vegetarian in style with one of the Go Green Vegan Wok Pans. Do you like to use a light Wok? Then take a look at the aluminum wok pan with lid, it is also equipped with a marble non-stick coating so that your wok vegetables do not stick.

Grill pans:

Grilling on a firm and thick base, so that as a home cook you can grill the tastiest types of meat and vegetables in a professional manner. What a pleasure, and you will immediately notice that in the taste! With our Grill pans you only need a minimum of fat, so it's nice and healthy!
Do you choose Grill pans suitable for in the oven up to 260 degrees? Also, taking care of your fingers is a thing of the past with the cold handles, so you no longer burn your fingers.

Frying pans:

Frying pans come in different shapes and sizes. A good casserole has several thick layers of coating. This can be cast iron, titanium or cast aluminum. All Cook and Pan frying pans are also suitable for induction. Are you going for a classic casserole, or one with a designer jacket?

sauté pans

A sauté pan, also known as a skillet or sauteuse, is a real all-rounder in the kitchen! Sauté pans are a deeper frying pan, often fitted with a glass lid. We often get the question about a high frying pan that also fits sauce, the answer is the Sauteer pan. The Cook and Pan sauté pans are conical rounded, which makes it easier to stir the pan without spilling, and it also makes it easier to turn your roast in the pan. Useful!

Useful features available on your Pan:

  1. Extra thick non-stick coating : At Cook and Pan we have pans with a 9-layer anti-stick layer so that your dishes slide easily through the pan without it sticking to the pan.
  2. Dishwasher suitable: Don't feel like endless discussions about who washes the pans? That is a thing of the past with our dishwasher safe pans! This option also saves a lot of time! The pans are untouchable and anti-oxidant when used in the dishwasher.
  3. Safe pans: We care about your health! All Cook and Pan pans are made from safe materials. This is extensively tested by our specialists.
  4. Energy -saving: Thanks to the clever designs of our pans, they heat quickly and evenly. This saves you up to 30% in energy!
  5. Heat-resistant handles: Cool down handles prevent them from getting red-hot like steel handles. You can safely remove your pan from the fire. Cold handles are often made of plastic, if you are in doubt, this is also stated in the product description of the relevant article.
  6. Removable handles: Ideal to save space in your cupboards! Also, some pans are not suitable for the oven because of its handles. If you simply remove the handles, it is possible.
  7. Draining system: Handy, a draining lid to, for example, drain the water from the boiled potatoes, or how about your favorite pasta? Turn the lid handle a quarter turn to lock the lid. This allows you to easily pour the water or without holding the lid.
  8. Extra thick bottom: The bottom of our craftsmanship is clear: The bottom of the pans are patented stainless steel and double forged bottoms! Pure quality. This makes the pans suitable for all stoves such as: Induction, gas, halogen, electric and ceramic hob. And of course: Years of cooking pleasure
  9. Pouring Spout: A pouring spout is perfect for pouring water without spilling. The spout ensures that the liquid in the pan flows out in a controlled manner via one outlet.
  10. Heat sources: Our pans are suitable for all heat sources you can think of: Halogen hob, Gas stove, Electric hob, ceramic hobs and of course the oven. Some pans can even be used on the BBQ.

As you can see, we offer many handy and time-saving options on our pans. Always read the product description carefully, not every pan ticks all the above options. When in doubt, you can always contact us!

Looking for more information about our pans? Then feel free to read our blogs!

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