Carpaccio, everyone knows it! Carpaccio is a classic Italian dish that hardly needs cooking yet makes an elegant appetizer or lunch dish. Because the (beef) meat is served raw, it is advisable to choose quality meat that has been hanging for quite some time. This significantly improves the taste and texture!

Homemade Carpaccio Cook and pan recipe preparation method preparation

Ingrid Beens-Goutier is happy to explain how to make her own black Angus carpaccio! Ingrid loves to cook and you will notice that immediately if you take a look at her Instagram account: wat_kookt_ingrid_vandaag .
With her years of experience she knows how to inspire many people every day with her beautiful and above all tasty recipes!

Make sure you remember Cook and Pan if you want to make this delicious carpaccio! Ingrid explains in detail below how to make the best carpaccio at home:



- Make it easy on yourself and buy a pack of carpaccio, as far as I know they have it in all supermarkets and even in different flavors around the holidays. As a starter, 1 pack for 2 people is enough.

- For real foodies: buy a piece of beef tenderloin, say 100 grams per person, put the piece in the freezer for an hour, this makes it easier to cut it into nice thin slices.

- Pine nuts (buy a bag and roast them in the frying pan, how many? To your own taste).

- Bag of arugula, also amount to your own taste.

I also added the following extra:

- Sweet/sour red onion, I bought it in a jar ready made

- Truffle mayonnaise, also ready for sale

- Cheese curls: homemade Tête de Moine curler, and cheese available from a good cheesemonger. Looks fancy right away! Of course you can also get it from the cool shelf at the supermarket, get regular cheese flakes.

Homemade Carpaccio Cook and pan recipe preparation method preparation

Above is the tasteful image of the end result!

Preparation method:

You can put this delicious dish on the table in just 5 simple steps!

Step 1 : Take a hip plate, always eat more fun!😁

Step 2 : Place a pile of arugula on the bottom, but just enough that when you put the carpaccio on top, you can still see the arugula.

Step 3: Place a few slices of carpaccio on top.

Step 4: Then divide the other goodies onto the plate according to taste and amount, then drip the truffle mayonnaise over it.

Step 5 : serve with a nice piece of (stick) bread and possibly whatever else you like.

This time I added some sun-dried tomatoes and some small figs that had been in the Port (bought at the cheesemonger, but only for sale during the holidays), but regular figs cut in half could also be used.

I would say at the table and enjoy your meal!



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